QKR App information

QKR App information

In the newsletter last we introduced you all to the QKR (pronounced 'quicker') app, which we will be using for student lunch orders that started this week. We will slowly be adding other options to the app such as uniforms, tickets for special events and DVD sales etc. 

Once you have downloaded the app and are ready to place your student's lunch order you must make sure you select the correct menu. 

All Junior and Middle students families must select the Special Treats Café-Gillies Street Menu and all Senior students families must select the FARM Café menu.
Special Treats Café for Junior and Middle students will have lunch orders available on Tuesdays and Thursdays 

FARM Campus Café for Senior students will have lunch orders available on Thursdays and Fridays

All orders must be placed by 2:30pm the day before you would like your lunch order. 

Exciting QKR app news! Today we have launched the school uniform on the QKR app for you to purchase uniform for your student. You will find more details in the app.

Below is a link on how to download and use the QKR guide for Parents.!_Guide_for_Parents.pdf