Writers Notebooks

Writers Notebooks

While the beginning of the year is always an exciting time, this year is even more so in lots of ways.  Our curriculum team is as excited as anyone around the school as our new Literacy Pedagogical model is finally ready to go.  For our students, this will mean that we have a carefully designed Literacy curriculum that is appropriate to everyone’s stage of development – and the Literacy instruction they receive will be appropriate to their ability and their age.  

We have an instructional model that underpins how the curriculum will be delivered and this will ensure that each Literacy lesson has a clear focus and instruction will be differentiated to cater to the needs and ability of all students.  Embedded in our pedagogy, is the understanding that communication is the key to all learning. 

Further, and most excitingly, the introduction of Reader’s and Writer’s Notebooks will ensure that our students are accessing the skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate their thoughts, ideas, understanding, feelings and emotions in a range of contexts.  Even more exciting (if that is possible) than anything is the fact that our ‘notebooks’ have been carefully designed  and tailored for our students and our school!  Our notebooks have arrived from the printers and they are absolutely stunning!

We are confident that the notebooks will motivate our students and instil a sense of pride in their work.  Reader’s notebooks provide students an opportunity to write about what they are reading.  The notebooks provide ideas and prompts for everyone to respond to texts – they can dabble with their thoughts and ideas and reflect and make connections about what they have read. 

Likewise, the Writer’s Notebooks are where writers are able to express their thoughts and ideas, respond to stimulus – and write about anything really.  It is a place where ideas are sprouted and they can be taken from their notebooks and developed into more sophisticated pieces of writing. 

For our high support students, we have ‘class’ Reader’s and Writer’s Notebooks and these will be used collaboratively and with the support that is appropriate for each group. 

The notebooks belong to the students.  They are their personal items and they are not graded.  They encourage writing practice and nurture creativity.  Stay tuned to see these exciting initiative in action in the coming weeks.