Our School - Principal Message

It’s a pleasure to introduce Ballarat Specialist School to you.
Ballarat Specialist School caters for students aged between 3 and 18. Our school's mission is "Achieving Personal Success Together". We strive to enable our students and staff to reach their full potential in a safe and stimulating environment. Ballarat Specialist School draws its students from the city of Ballarat and within a 30km radius of the school.

Our current enrolment is 452 students plus 25 who attend our Early Learning Centre. We provide educational programs for students with mild,moderate and profound intellectual disabilities associated with physical, social, emotional, behavioural, multiple and sensory impairments.
The school has three mini schools and the schools operate in PLT’s to enable students to be streamed particularly in the area of literacy and for our workforce to be used more effectively to support student outcomes.
Programs provided include: music/drama,instrumental music,art,physical education, hairdressing,building,speech,occupational and physiotherapy as well as the kindergarten program. The Educational Residential Program and the Transition to Community Living FARM units are aimed at developing home and community living skills.
The school operates the Special Treats Café at our Gillies St. campus.Our second campus consists of a 8.09 hectares FARM with a bakery and café. Through these enterprises we are able to offer 2 apprenticeships and pathways to future employment. We run specific programs for our students with complex needs such as the “I am me” program,the play program and functional living skills program in the middle and senior schools. Therapists run individual and group programs to enhance our students communication,physical and social skills.

We have 9 therapists,3 allied health assistants and a school nurse who work across the school supporting students and staff. We have a health and well being team consisting of a Occupational Therapist, 2 Student Welfare Officers, Psychologist and School Nurse. Ballarat Specialist School school employs 198 staff: 4 Principal class 55 teachers and 140 Education Support Staff and 3 E.L.C staff. Each student at Ballarat Specialist School has an Individual Learning Plan with goals set across the domains of English,Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Personal Learning, Science, Civics and Citizenship,ICT, the Arts and Humanities.Students may not have goals set in all these domains but in the areas considered to be a priority for that student.

We welcome parent involvement in our school to ensure that our students have access to all the supports they require in their learning. Please feel free to contact the Principal team- Carol Anderson, Sam Sheppard (acting) or myself on 03 5334  1302.

Kim Yearwood Principal