Programs & Facilities - FARM Campus

The Ballarat Specialist School FARM is located at 800 Norman St, Invermay Park, Ballarat, Victoria. All students attending our Gillies St. Campus, have the opportunity to spend time working at the FARM, and are central to it’s successful operation.
The students are involved in all levels of management, from general maintenance, to looking after the animals, landscaping, planting and maintaining our market gardens and orchard. The FARM is designed to encourage our students of all ages to develop important life skills in all of these areas. The Campus is also seen as an important link to the wider community, with regular visits from other schools, community groups and the general public.

There are two important areas to the FARM : 
- Livestock A range of livestock can be found on the Campus, including poultry, pork, lamb and beef. The students learn life skills by taking care of all these animals, looking after their feed, general welfare, and sale of produce. They gain an understanding of farming cycles, develop skills in animal handling, what each animal requires in feed, management and markets.
- Market Garden and Orchards Each student has the opportunity to develop life skills in gardening, from the designing, constructing and maintaining the produce. The fresh vegetables and fruit grown are utilized in the FARM café / bakery / commercial kitchen.Refer to article on our hospitality Program.

Other areas at the FARM :
Accommodation – We have 2 ; 2 bedroom units for independent living programs for students, and a Dormitory, which is available for school camps.

Avenue of Honour Nursery -  an area is set aside for growing replacement trees for the Avenue of Honour. This programe is ran in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Ballarat South, The Arch of Victory, Avenue of Honour committee and the City of Ballarat.

Play Paddock – an area set aside where students and the general public can be encouraged to be creative at play in a safe outdoor area. Walking Track – A 1 kilometer granite sand walking track encompasses the FARM area.


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